Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hola Como Esta (August 16, 2010)

Well it has been a really good week for us. We are going to be having a baptism this weekend on Saturday!!!! WWWWOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO
I am super excited. She is an awesome lady that has been investigating for awhile she has just been waiting for her son and his girlfriend to be baptized with her. Sad to say they aren't getting baptized but she is. She has had her interview and everything is set to jet. I hope that her baptism will just be a huge example to her son and to his girlfriend. We have been trying to get them married but for some reason they just wont do it. He is just not serious about it yet. I did tell him thought that we would play one on one in soccer and if I won he had to get married. He didn't like that idea 1) because he knew that he would have had to get married and 2) because he said that there wasn't a prize for him if he won. We are going to get him though. We just have to be patient.
We did something last week that is pretty cool that I forgot to tell everyone about. Elder Mancera and I caught a huge spider and Elder Richardson and I made a cage for it! It is super sweet. We have had the spider for a full week now in they cage and we have fed him moths, crickets and grasshoppers. It is really interesting the way spiders do things that you don't see cause usually when you see them you smash them and that is all you see. This though has been really interesting. I have found out that spiders make a new web every night. That they are really fast at moving on their webs. Also that they can live for awhile with out eating. I also didn't know that spiders ate things other than months and flies. It tries to eat anything that goes into its web.
We also had a really good lesson with our other baptismal dates. They brought up a concern about the virgin Mary and what we thought about it. We were able to explain why it is wrong and they seemed to be okay with it. They said they love it when we come by and that they know that everything we have taught them so far is true and that it is helping them in their lives to become better people. Daniel who is 17 had a really good time at church as well. He knew some of the youth that were his age from school and he fit right in. He is 17 and it would be really neat to see him go on a mission in the future you know?
My spanish is coming along. I gave a talk this past Sunday in sacrament meeting. I was really nervous but I think it went okay. I have also been able to communicate more. I feel comfortable reading scriptures and talking about what they mean and things like that. I am just really excited because I can be apart of the lessons now that I know a little more about what and how to say things. Elder Mancera is doing a great job and correcting me when I am wrong and building me up when I am right. Elder Richardson and Elder Peterson do a good it at helping me out as well. They are speaking a lot more spanish with me a lot more of the time and when I don't know what a word is they don't tell me they find a way to explain it so that I will know what it is. I can definatley feel the Lord helping me out with all the things that have been happening. I'm so grateful for his love for me in helping me out in my times of struggle.
Thank you mom for the package that you sent with my MEP shirt and a shirt from egypt. Also I think that those language pills are really going to help me in learning. I have already put them to good use to keep me awake during studies. haha Also thanks for the cleats. I can't wait to play a game in them.
Thats is about it for this week though! My spanish has been improving alot which is a super good thing so w guess we will just have to keep praying and keep studing (for me that is) and over time line upon line I will be able to speak fluentley.
I love you all
Love Elder Haws

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