Monday, August 23, 2010

My Week! (August 23, 2010)

Well It has been another really good and fun one. I love every minute of what I do! It has been another really good week as far as the work is concerned! Our Baptism was a success and she was very happy and you could see the difference in her after wards. Then on Sunday after church we went to see her and talk to her about her whole experience. She told us that getting the holy ghost was the best thing ever and that she could feel a huge difference in her life. She said she was more patient with her grand kids and that she felt a lot more happy. It was a good baptismal service. We didn't have quite the number of investigators there as we had hoped but it was still really nice. Her non-member daughter said the closing prayer and it was lovely. I hope that we will be able to complete her family in the gospel.
The other family we have been working with is doing pretty good. They didn't come to church on sunday for the first time in about 4 weeks but Daniel the 17 year old boy did come to our Stake Preisthood meeting and really enjoyed it. He is pretty solid. He wants to be baptized and come to the youth nights and all the activities and he is really friendly and knows several of the youth in the ward, so things are going good with him. I'm a little worried about the rest of his family though because they didn't want to come to church on sunday for the first time.
The future branch is coming along good. We had about 55 people there this Sunday. It is really neat to see all the people that come from all around to hear the gospel in their own language. I just love the fact that we have the means to do that. I love the fact that we are able to send the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in so many different languages and to so many different types of people. We had a Recent Convert from Nashville move into town who speaks only spanish and she was able to come and bring her children which was good. She left her husband because of the church and is staying with her brother. It never ceases to amaze me what people do to be apart of the church. I love it.
The language is coming along. It is constantly getting better but at the same time I am constantly having headaches from thinking so much. I don't think my mind has every worked this hard for so long before. Not even in college was it used this bad. I love it though. I was able to have a few really good conversations with some of our investigators and that of course always makes me feel good when I can carry on a more than one or two sentence conversation. So it is coming along slowly of course. It isn't something that you learn over night unless the lord really wants you to and you have the faith to. If you have any suggestions that would help me I am open to suggestions!
I want to extend a challenge out to everyone. I am reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish right now and I am on chapter 11 as of today. SO my challenge is to race to see who can beat me in reading the book of mormon. I will be reading in Spanish of course which is much slower for me than in English but all of you can read in English. SO it is on and I doubt any of you can beat me! haha
That is bout it though. I love all of you and I am looking foreward to all your encouragement in the letters I get every week.
Love Elder Haws

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