Monday, July 25, 2011

June 27, 2011

Dear Family!
Hello everyone! Hope all is well where everyone is that reads this. Things here are going really well. It has been hot the past few weeks but it is only going to get hotter so there is no room for complaing! you just have to get out and do it! We have had a few really good things go on this week that I am looking forward to!
We had a family come to church this week! Their names are Lalo and Mary and they came with their 2 daughters! It is so good to see them come! Lalos dad is a member of about 2 years and his dad has been trying so hard to have someone in his family come to church with him, so it is really exciting to see it happening now! They really enjoy it also. It has been hard to get their girls to go to primary because they are still learning english and one of them doesn't even really speak it at all, but they will go with time and when they go I think their parents will enjoy it alot more!
Our other investigator named shiqiao (pronounced shichow) is going back to China on wednesday due to his dad not wanting him to get baptized so his dad said he had to go back to China. It is really sad because he really really wanted to get baptized. Hopefully soon China will be open to missionaries and they will find him and baptize him. He is living all the commandments.
We have a few meeting with president that we have to go to this week. One is for Zone Leader Council and the other is to talk about our area and how we can be most effective here with 4 or 6 or 8 missionaires. It should be a good meeting.
We are reading the gospel of Mark right now as a mission. We read one chapter a day. Today we read Mark chapter 7 so if you want to you can read with us. We will read Mark 8 tommorrow. It has been really neat to read this time becuase as I read I am trying to apply it in a missionary view and see how Jesus responded with certain things. It has been neat. Today I read when Jesus was on his way to heal the damsel of a master who was sick. He was on his way and the lady that had the bleeding problem touched him and he stopped to talk to her. Well when he did that the damsel died. What I learned was that Jesus knew that he had the power to raise the damsel from the dead, so he was able to take the time to help this lady first. So in missionary work we need to look at our options and do that which will be of the most benefit and do it so that everyone can have the gospel in their lives. The gospels are so amazing. I love that we have the bible to help learn of the life of Jesus Christ. President Holzapfel knows so much about the bible and the context and how it all blends together it is so amazing sitting down in a meeting and just listening tohim talk about a chapter in the bible because he knows so much about it!
That is about it for today though! It has been a great week! I hope that you all have a good week and that you are safe!
Love ya
Love Elder haws

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