Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Awkward Things for Missionaries (Jan. 20)

Well, I'm going to start this one off with another story. As it turns out i'm really good at making things really awkward for some reason. However one time it wasn't really my fault. So Elder Andersen and I went tracting the other day at an apartment complex. We only had an hour though so near the end of the hour we still had alot of doors left to knock.We decided to each knock a door by ourselves since the doors are right next to each other.I knock on a door and i'm just about to leave when it opens. It was a girl and all she had on was a towel. I was in shock basically. So i started to tell her what we do already planning on saying is there a time when we could come back and teach. Before I could though she said, "I can't let you in right now this is all i have on, I thought you were my sister." by this time Elder Andersen had come back. So i asked her if there was a time that we could come back. She said in an hour, which would have been nice but we had other appointments and we were going to be back the next day around 12 o'clock. So i asked her if we could come back tomorrow she said yes and i said around noon o'clock? I was so embarrassed. It was so weird and awkward. She was a pretty girl too so that didn't help at all. Oh well though. We went back and she wasn't there.
Things are going great here though! I don't remember if I told you guys in my last letter but Alabama did win the Championship game! WOOHOO!!! We also were able to watch it! It was so much fun. We went over to an investigators house who can't get baptized because her husband is hard core Catholic. He is getting a lot better with the missionaries though. We have been able to go in their house which wasn't allowed with previous missionaries and he told us to come back whenever we want to. They have a 12 year old son to who has never like the missionaries and he loves us. I showed him my magic tricks and he loved them. So its slowly getting better.
WE also are working with a beyond golden investigator. She knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet has been paying tithing and reads and knows the church is true. She came from a member family that we challenged to find 3 families to share the gospel with and she was one of the 3. She has a date for the 30th and we are going to be able to meet her daughter on saturday and we are hoping that she will be the same way. From the sound of things she will be. They are way spiritual which is crazy cuz they weren't raised with any religion. Amy (the Mom) or Ashleigh (ashley the daughter) We are way excited for them!
Then there is our little mexican family that we are working with. The 2 kids Kenya and sandra are going to get baptized on saturday and the mom soon after that. We found out that Francisco ( the dad) and Rosio (the mom of the daughters) aren't married so we have to get them married first then she will be baptized! I love it. They have feed us twice and it is dang good. We had real enchiladas and some fish tacos. They were delicious.
I forgot the information again on our relatives that i met up here but i'll send it eventually. I really like Decatur. We are also reactivating a 20 year old from Utah who is really taking a rough route right now. He came to church though and said that he was going to come back. His co worker is getting interested to. We go and teach him at his work and she listens in. Its really good stuff.
I loved all the pictures i got from everyone showing off my new nephew. Thanks a bunch. I can't wait to meet him. He is going to be so big. I can't wait!. I got to go though. thanks for all the e-mails. and the prayers. Love ya'll Love Elder Haws

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