Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well as you all know i am now in Decatur Alabama. I love it! There is just something about being in a ward that i love. Its so great. The ward has about 100-150 Active members. Our ward mission leader is way excited to do work. He is 26 and is a convert and wasn't able to serve a mission so he is just way excited for this because its like being on a mission.
We are teaching alot of families. There is one that would make dad really happy. Their names are Francisco(a member father) Rosio(a non member mother) Kenya and Sandra( non member daughters) Yes they are Hispanic and Rosio doesn't speak any english. The rest of them do though. We have a baptism date set for saturday with them. Its way exciting. they are such a fun family.
Next is a lady named Amy Davis. She is in her 40's and has a 17 year old daughter. She is a Golden member refferal. She has been prompted by the spirit as a mother to do things that have saved her daughters life. She is looking for the true gospel. She is just golden golden golden. We are going to set a date with her on friday. its so neat the way the lord works on people their whole lives to get them ready for the gospel. I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we have a few more part member families that we are working with. So i got here on Thursday and on Friday we went and saw a less active part member family. The dad is 26 and served a mission in England. Way cool guy just is lazy and won't come and he knows it. Anyway we are there and he offers us some egg nog. so we take a glass and it is way good. ( it was home made) we are drinking it and Elder Andersen asks him what was in it because it was way good. So he tells us and then he says and some whiskey. We just immediatly look at each other then at our glass. We start like smelling it and stuff and we can totally smell it in there. So i'm like okay well i'm not drinking any more. My companion though has Two more glasses!!! Then he is a little tipsy because we fing out that it is like 1/3 percent whiskey. Not just any whiskey though its a special Irish Whiskey. I was freaking out in my mind. Thinking what i'm i going to tell President if he gets a dui on his mission. They were both tipsy. like they both had the giggles and the Dad was tripping over stuff. he fell off his chair once. Then as we are driving away to top off the whole experience Elder Andersen tells me it was just a joke. I was so mad but it was way funny. It was a good one.
Elder Andersen is a cool guy. He played college volleyball at UNLV. He can sing and can play the piano. We have tons of fun together. Most importantly though he is a great teacher. I have already in the week that i've been here learned all the scriptures to use for the "first lesson". He is a really good missionary.
Baurer isn't my Zone Leader. He is the new Zone Leader for the Tuskegee area but since i moved out of that Zone he isn't mine.He would have been just like when i left Hamilton he went to Hamilton and when i left The Montgomery zone he went there. We are just barely missing each other. Its kind of funny. I was able to see haim during transfers though.
My new address is 1117 Magnolia st SW Decatur Alabama 35601.
Guess what else! I ran into another one of our cousins here on sunday. Its seems like there is always some one to check up on me. haha She is related to the Ashcrofts and the Farrs. Her grand mother or great grandma was a ashcroft that married a Farr, or something like that. She definatley looks like a Ashcroft. I have all the names of here relatives and things like that i just forgot them at the house so i'll tell you next week. Crazy isn't it.
HOORAY for my new nephew! congrats TO Kim and Tyson. Thats so exciting. I'd love a picture as soon as you have time no rush though. I'm so excited. yay!!!
I hope everything went well with the move for buddy and Sara. Hope you guys are settling in nicely. Good luck on the new style of life.

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