Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year (Dec 30)

Well, Happy New Year everybody. It was way good to hear from everyone on christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed it. That whole day was wonderful. We ended up being fed twice that day lunch and dinner. Let me tell you these black southerns know how to cook their food. I have had some BOMB chicken and dressing, macaroni, turkey, Ham, chicken, Beans,and believe it or not potatoe salad. It was a good day though. Thanks for talkin with me.
This week seems to have flown by! Its crazy! We have transfers in just 1 week from tommorrow so on the 7th of January. I'll let you know what happens in my next letter. I had a dream last night though that Dallin Told me that President Tate had already called and told him that Elder Myrvang was going to Huntsville and that i was staying to to train someone. So who knows what will be happening.
We found this really cool couple last night. we have been trying to meet with them for awhile now. Ever since my first transfer and we finally were able to talk with them and they had a whole ton or questions that they want answers to that no one can answer except us! Its so awesome how that works. She is really cautious though cuz her mom is way against it. Her mom threw a book of Mormon away one time but i think its all going to be ok. It was really fun though. They have a great sense of Humor. Kind of like you dad. So you know we get along really well. We are going to be going back to see them on saturday so i'll keep you updated!
Thats about it as far as that goes though. Thanks for all the gifts i got. I'm putting them all to good use well.... except for the candy. Thats just making me fat but thats ok. i got to have my candy. I lvoe you guys though. I'll talk to you next week.
Happy New Year. Love Elder Haws

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  1. It's great being able to share this way. Good luck on your mission. We just baptized a man from Lousiana-what a great spirit. Missionary work is awesome, isn't it?