Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Good Week Coming to a Close (July 19, 2010)

We have been tearing it up In Cullman Al. So I am not sure how many of you have heard about the ministers among us (MAU) program that we have down here but it is really sweet. I haven't used it very much in my mission until now but I wish I would have. Basically what it is really fast is a copy of the Book of Mormon that is covered with a personalized sleeve over it so that it is personal for the person that you are desiring to share the Book of Mormon with. It is so cool. So anyway we have really been putting this tool to use with some of our recent converts and it is great. We had one member who put in a total of 5 referrals for us to go and share the Book of Mormon with. One of them we were able to teach and give the copy to and the guy was Baptist. Well Baptists are the first to tell you that the Bible is the only thing we need and we don't need anything else. However when he saw the sleeve with his girl friends name on it and he let us explain what it really was he was totally excited that the Book of Mormon wasn't another form of the Bible but that it is a whole other account of Jesus Christ and his teachings. He was just really neat to see it actually work. This is really the first area that I have used this tool and it is great.
Another really cool story is that we were over at a members house eating a dinner and we had a spiritual thought with them and then I had this thought come to my mind on a different way to ask for referrals. Since Dad was the ward mission leader for so long and we had the missionaries in our house all the time I thought of when they would ask us if their was anyone that we knew that they could teach. and we would either say no or we would tell them people that lived by us or people that we really weren't so sure on of they would accept them or not. So this time I decided to ask them a different question. I asked them if there was anything we could do to HELP them in their own missionary work. Well this family consisted of a mom and a dad and a set of twin sisters that are 17 and seem to be pretty popular in their school and things like that. Well when I asked this questions the twins looked at each other and one said well we have this friend but we aren't sure how to start to talk to her about the church. It turns out that this friend has been to seminary a couple of times and doesn't have a church home and likes going to mutual activities and things like that. The only problem was that the twins didn't know how to start talking to her. So we told them about the MAU program and they were very excited. They ordered one for her right then and we are just waiting for it to get here so that they can deliver it. I convinced that if I would have asked if they knew anyone that we could teach they would have said no because they didn't have anyone we could teach yet they just had someone that was interested. It was really neat. Also their mom cooked some really good lasagna and some cream cheese brownies that were really good.
President Holzapfel came to our ward to speak on Sunday (yesterday) and we were way excited for that. We were at the church getting ready for his arrival and we got a phone call saying he was late with car trouble and that they would be there at 9:30 which was fine because church starts at 9 so the sacrament would be done at about 9:20 and then they had one of the twins that I just talked about share her testimony about Youth Conference that they just had and she took about 10 minutes and so it was no big deal however I quickly became his back up if he still wasn't there when it was his time. Well he ended up getting there 5 minutes before the closing song and so I had to quickly think of something to speak about for the next 20 minutes. So I did. It was super nerve wracking but it makes you so much stronger and I really didn't mind it after it was all over. We ate lunch with President and his wife after church along with the ward missionaries. It was lots of fun.
It is really green here and there is getting to be more and more humidity because it is starting to rain more and more. so that isn't so fun.
We went on a team-up with the Spanish missionaries that are serving up in Huntsville because they are in our Zone and I have been contemplating on asking President if I could get changed over to Spanish speaking for the last year of my mission. As we were on the team up I discovered that I have a great deal of love for the people and that I can actually understand a lot more than I thought I could. I just think that it would be something that I would like to do now which is really funny if your remember what I said about speaking Spanish before my mission. I just have a great desire to help that culture of people accept the gospel into their lives.
The work is just so much fun and I love it so so much. The Church Is TRUE!!! .......It is true. I promise you that it is true and that there is nothing in this life that is more important that living the gospel. Just live it for a couple of weeks put it to the test and see if you are happier in anyway. what ever you are doing right now in you life that is or could be with holding you from having the spirit more in your life even if it is yelling at stupid drivers under your breath. try your hardest not to do it anymore and see what happens. I PROMISE YOU that you WILL notice a DIFFERENCE.
I love you all so very much and l absolutely love gettin to hear from ya'll every week. keep up all that you are doing and I will look forward to hearing from you next Monday. Don't forget that my P-Day is now on Monday so I will be using the computer on Mondays not on Wednesday.
Love Elder Haws

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