Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News from the Southland! (July 12, 2010)

Dear Family
We have had a pretty good week this week. We were able to get one of our investigators to chruch that we have been trying to get to come for quite some time now. We have been able to contact some Ministers Among Us Packets and we have some potetial from a couple of them. We also were able to set up three new acounts with a recent convert and recent reactivated and a active memeber. So we are excited to be getting referrals from them for their friends!
We were able to see Elaine come to chruch yesterday. She is an older lady in her 60's and she is in a wheel chair due to a stroke that she had a few years ago. She has been really heisitant to come to church and leave the comfort of her home but she finally accepted our invitation and It was reall go news! She liked the service and had some questions about it afterwards that we were able to answer and she got along great with them members. We have a return appointment to go and see her on Thursday! She had already read the Book of Mormon and half of the Doctrine and Covenants. She said that she wants to read the whole the whole canon of scripture before she prays about it which is something we are trying to work with her on. She also has concerns about Joesoph Smith that we are resoving. She is a wonderful lady though and I look forward to working more with her.
We were able to set more Member accounts for the ministers among us program. We have already seen 3 referral get put in because of it and we have been told of a couple more that will be put in here soon. We are way excited to get the memebers doing their own missionary work and just being able to help them and make it easier for them. I was reading a talk today from President Hinckley about missionary work and he talks alot in there about the members and how we as missionaries can't do it by ourselves and I thought as I was reading it that we as missionaries can't do it by ourselves so we need to help the members to help us. All the way up until today I have thought "alright members we can't do it alone come gives us your friends to teach" but when in reality I should be thinking "Okay members we can't do it by ourselves we need your help so how can we help you? What can we do to make your life easier to share the gospel with those you know" I am way excited to get to work and use the new format from church head quarters.
That is about it for this week! Tell every one at MEP that I say Hello and that I love them all!!!!!
Elder Haws

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