Thursday, July 1, 2010

Transfers (June 23, 2010)

Well hello everyone! Its me again! We had transfers this week and It was really surprising. All of us were positive that my companion was leaving because he has been here for 9 months and he has 9 weeks left before he goes home so we were all positive that he was going somewhere else to end his mission. Then we had transfer calls tuesday morning and President Tate asked me to go up to Cullman to serve with Elder Howard, who was my zone leader in Tuskegee and in Decatur who I have always wanted to serve with. So I am pretty excited for the new change even though it was a really big shock!
Elder Scheitingers new companion is Elder Robison who was my second companion. The one that I served with first in Tuskegee. I'm really excited for the work that they are going to be able to do together while they are here. We have been making alot of progress with one of our families that we have been working with known as the Moores. They have been keeping their committments and they have noticed the blessings that have come from doing it! We are having a lesson with them at our ward mission leaders house tonight and I am way excited about it.I really hope that they ended up getting baptized because they really want it. Sister Moore has said that she really wants to get married in the Temple. We gave her a blessing last night at the church so that she would be able to quit smoking. If she has enough faith then that is all we will need to do for her to get baptized.
We also had some really good news toward our other investigator JoAnn Wells. She came to church on sunday and she was talking in gospel principles class and she started crying and after wards said that she has really been considering baptism and the spirit has been working on her! IT IS AWESOME!!!!
Now that I am going to Cullman I am going to be able to go on teamups in Decatur and I am super excited. Its crazy how things go when you are on a mission. I never would have thought that I would be this close to Decatur again. I love the way that the lord works. I got a e-mail from Ashley Scruggs today. She was the main investigator that we were working with in Decatur. She told me that she got baptized and that her life is a lot better and she thanked me for teaching her. Those are the letters that let me know that what I am doing is good! She was really in need to get baptized and I guess her mom went to here baptism and to church which hasn't happened for several several years. I love the gospel! IT blesses so many peoples lives as long as they live the teachings in it otherwise there is now point in it.
Amy Walker is still doing great! We have been over to her house a couple of times now and have started to teach her the new memeber lessons! She brought her sone who is 3 and is autistic to church also. He actually did really good. I really think that she is going to get a calling in the primary so that she will be able to keep and eye on her son and she does really good with children. She made me a cake for my birthday and it was so good. It was literally just like a cake that you would order from Safeway or something like that! It was great! we all ate some after we had our bible study.
Thats about it though! I am really excited for the next 6 weeks and what they have to bring for me to learn. I am also going to be able to watch the Emma Smith Video today and I am excited for that. We get a new mission president on the 1st of July so that is going to be exciting. He is getting here in exactly a week from today!
I love all of you! thanks for your prayers and for your letters it makes a huge difference that is hard to expalin but it helps.
Love yall
Elder Haws.

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