Thursday, July 1, 2010

My New Area, Woot Woot!! (June 30, 2010)

Well it has been one of the busiest transfers that I think I have had in my entire mission!!! Hahaha I love it. So right before I left Bessemer we had a really good lesson with the Moore family over at our ward mission leader, Brother Morris’ home. It was really good we watched Elder Uchtordorfs talk from April 2009 general conference label we are doing a great work so that we cannot come down. We made some really good progress with them and brother Morris was able to explain the whole purpose for us, the missionaries, in stopping by constantly to see them. Even though we had already told her numberless times it finally clicked and before we left she said that I was going to have to call her because she was going to be getting baptized!!! I have since heard that they came to church and have committed to quick smoking!!! I’m so happy for them and the changes they can see and will see in their lives.

So I got here in Cullman at about 11 am on Thursday morning and we already had someone that was ready for baptism and needed a baptismal interview so we got that all straighten up because there were a few complications that arose and dissolved really fast. So we got Judy ready for Baptism and then we went and saw the Sear Family! They are an awesome family. He does fish aquariums for a living and his aquarium was amazing! I took a video of it to show you when I get home. We talked with them until it was time to go in and we were supposed to leave and go on a team up with Decatur missionaries Elder Putnam, who took my spot when I left and, Elder Lofthouse, who is a brand new missionary. Well we weren’t able to go so we left at 5:45 Friday morning so that we could be there when they woke up to work out with them and things like that. Then we had a really good team up with them! I went with Elder Lofthouse and we found some really awesome people that they are now teaching. I was able to see some of the members also which was really good. Then We stay the night in Decatur and get back to our area and start rounding up people to go to church and spend all day Saturday working with out a lunch break we were so busy. Then of course on Sunday we went to church and we had the baptism for Judy after church. It was really good. She is so excited for it. Then Monday was another busy day and finally on Tuesday I was able to unpack. That was how busy I was. It was awesome. I can’t believe that I have already been in Cullman for a whole week.

There is a recent convert here whose name is Jenna McDowell and she is so awesome! She was first contacted and taught in December and said she didn’t agree with the teachings that she just heard. Now she says that there wasn’t anything that she didn’t agree with she just didn’t want to change her life style. Then in April she was at a friends house and Elder Ryszka and Elder Howard went to follow up with her friend and came into contact with her again and were able to start teaching her and she was baptized a month later and is a whole new person. She is so happy now and is just awesome and we tell her that everyday. She made some big changes in her life and she loves it.

Elder Howard is such a good missionary it is ridiculous. I have so much that I need to learn from him before I can even think about being a good missionary. He teaches so well. He is so good at helping people see the importance of our message by having them answer questions in a way to where they will be saying the answer to their own question by the time we leave. I love it.

It is really weird also being here because Cullman is the Exact opposite of Tuskegee. It is all white. The P.J.’s are all white and they are nice and kept up with good furniture and things like that and I still haven’t seen a African American since I have been here. It is crazy. I am having with drawls which is kind of funny because I had the same thing when I went to Tuskegee just the other way around. It is so funny and weird how that all works out.

Things are going really good though. We are working hard and should be able to have some good things happen this transfer. One really cool story is that when I was in Decatur I did a baptismal interview for someone in Cullman and he is still coming to church and everything. His mom was a less active and hadn’t been to church for 19 years or so and then got re activated and now her son is baptized his name is Brandon and he is the one that I did the interview for. Well she has been smoking and not living the word of wisdom up until yesterday! She finally quit and she hasn’t had a cigarette since yesterday and it is awesome her name is sister Clark. If ya’ll want to say a prayer for her.

I love ya’ll! Be safe and I will hear and talk to you next week.

Love Elder Haws.

P.S. my address is 1317 Kim lane,

Cullman, Al 35055

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