Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 16, 2010

Well I am writing a little bit late this week because we got up this morning and went to the temple and it was so good. It is amazing how much you miss the temple when you don't get to go as much. I hadn't been since the MTC almost ten full months ago. It was so good! The Birmingham Temple is reall pretty. That would be really fun to go through with you all at one point in time in this life. There was so much peace in there also I love it!!! Also I was able to see a member from Decatur, Sister Fredrickson, It was really cool to see her again.
The baptism went really good. Her boy freind came and we were able to meet him fro my first time so far. It was so cool when she came up out of the water she started to clap. That was the neatest thing ever. After wards some members took us out to an Italian resturaunt called Mufflaletas. It was really good.
We are going to be giving a church tour tonight to some people that we have recently found. I'm pretty excited for it. On sunday we had the opportunity to see Elder Richard G Scotts Brother which was really neat. So now I have seen Elder Scott and his brother.
Today after the temple we went to a members house and she fed us lunch and then we went fishing in a pond that she has in her back yard! If ya'll remember correctly I don't like fishing but today it wasn't that bad! I was having a terrible time at first but then I was the first one to catch a fish! it was small brim. Then we kept fishing and after about another 30 minutes or so I caught another and then i caught another one and another and before I knew it I had caught 6 fish!! they were all to small to keep but it was just fun to catch and then put back in. I'll send some pictures next weeek. So the moral of the story is that if you don't like doing something do it until you like it! that is how the gospel works. If you don't like doing something in the gospel then you should probably do it. That is why going to the temple is so important because it makes alot of difference in your week. I just feel that my spiritual batter is totally and completly charged and ready to go until i'm able to go again. So I would encourage all who read this to go to the temple and if you can't go get ready so that you can go! It is the best place on earth that you could ever be I promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ.
Well that is about the jist of our week. That is really crazy about the plane crash into the High school. Send me pictures if possible cuz i can't go and look at them online.
Yes mom i did get your package and those tangerines are really good. We gave the candy to a homeless man though i hope that is alright!! He looked hungry and that is all we had.
Love ya'll
Elder Haws

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