Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Dear Family,
Well it has once again been a really good week. I love hearing how everyone is doing and getting updates on the new stuff! Things are going really well here! Thank you everyone for the birthday gifts. They are very nice and appreciated.
We have had a really good week! We went out with Spencer on tuesday and we had a lesson with Lalo. It went really well. He understood alot of what we were saying about baptism and the authority. We asked him to prepare for baptism on the 16th of July and he said he would. He also said that he wants to quit smoking and drinking and gambling. It is so amazing to me how people know that that stuff is bad yet they all accept it at one point. The light of Christ that we all have is such a great gift! They didn't come to church this week though. They were tired or something. When we went by to see them they were excited to see us and they want us to come back and said that they would be there the next week.
Good news! San came to church! We had to give her a ride but she still came and really enjoyed it! She is such a good example to the rest of her family. I hope that she will continue to come and that she will continue to prepare for her day for baptism. richard did not come to church however. He changed his mid about an hour before it was going to start. I gave him a tie and everything. I think he is just scared that he doesn't know anyone so we are going to go over with a member on thursday! I think that will help us alot.
The sisters that were serving here got transfered out due to one of them getting released for medical purposes so my companion and I have to take over doing the english work aswell. It has been pretty crazy but we are getting it under control. The members are helping us out a lot.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. Tell Elder Baker I said Happy Birthday!
Love you all
Elder Haws
ShiQiao is doing really well also. His dad wasn't to happy with his wanting to get baptized and told him he has to go back to china but he is still really from the Book of Mormon and coming to church. He prayed the other day that his dad would let him get baptized. The kid had a lot of faith and I hope that one day he will be able to be baptized and enjoy the blessing of the gospel.
I hope that we will be able to baptized a few more hispanics so that they can form their own branch. The mission is so low on missionaries right now that president isn't sure what he is going to do with this are as far as if he wants spanish missionaries or now so we will see but I really hope spanish stays we have a lot going right now.

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