Monday, June 20, 2011

June 6, 2011

Dear Family!
This was a really good week! We had a ton of really good things happen! This was the first week on my mission that we had more member present lessons than regular lessons. A member present lesson is better because the investigator has someone normal that they know and will recognize and stuff like that so it is better than if just my companion and I are teaching them! We had 13 lessons with a member and 12 others! It was really neat. It has helped us and our investigatores alot.
I was able to see Aunt DeAnn and Uncle Artie on sunday! It was really neat to be able to see them and talk with them for a little bit. It was a very good baby blessing. It was really neat to be able to participate in that special moment for Spencer and Gretta. I am glad that they are here to be able to see and to talk to.
We are teaching a lot of people. San is doing really well. She didn't come to chruch but she has continued to read and to pray and wants to be baptized in July! We are also teaching shi qioa. He is asian and kind of believes in God. It has been fun teaching him because my companion is part asian aswell. Things have been going really well. Sorry this one is short I was talking with the family about the fire and school so I wasn't able to write much. We have a lot of good things going and I am really excited for what could come out of it. I love you all!
Love Elder Haws.

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