Monday, June 20, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey ya'll.... I mean Dear Family,
Well It has been another really good week for us here in Tuscaloosa! Things are starting to look a lot better. They have been clearing all the roads now with all of the fallen trees and debree that has been set out for the trucks to come pick up, Who knows where they are going to put it all. I think that between all of us missionaries here in Tuscaloosa we put in over 50 hours of service for the week. It is really neat to be a part of it. People are so much more open to us now than they have been before or would have been before I should say. I love being able to help those that need it and lighten a little bit of thier load.
We had trasfer calls today and I am staying here because my companion is leaving. However everyone else in our district except for a sister missionary is getting transfered so I am going to have to get to know a lot of new people. It is going to be good for the are though. It has been difficult to do stuff with all the damage and because a lot of the investtigatores for both areas were living in the affected areas.
Maria and Silvino came to church on sunday! they only stayed for sacrament meeting but they really enjoyed it. When we asked them to come Maria wouldn't tell us yes because she didn't want to commit and then have Silvino say he wasn't going to come. So he said they would be there and so when they showed up it meant that it was because he wanted to come which means a lot. He hasn't ever wanted to go to a church so she is just wanting to do whatever he will do. They have been moving forward a lot. Thanks to the help of Spencer they have really good fellowship. They came to a little fiesta that was thrown for Elder Lindemann since he is going home and so they met a lot of the other members and it was a really good experience. We should be able to set a baptism date with them here shortly.
That is about it for the update. I don't have much time today either. I promise i'll have a better letter next week. I Love you all. Congrats Buddy and Sara on the baby. The Bakers told me that you had a boy! that is so exciting. 3 new nephews to meet when I get back!
Tyson and Kim I hope that everything goes well for you tommorrow and that you have a healthy son! such an exciting time to see more of our spirit brothers and sister coming to the earth.
I love you all.
Love Elder Haws.

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